Big XII Life Support - help needed

So no one in the Big XII wants to play with each other, especially big bully Deloss (Texas).  But they may have to and the bully to sock it in the nose and let them know they may be the big kid on the block but needs to learn some respect.

Who should cock their fist back?  Dan Beebe?  Yea right.  Beebe is that kid who is weak and attaches themselves to the bully to seem tougher.  Beebe could mess up jello.  Oklahoma is talking about taking its ball and going home (west) with little brother.

The answer: a fighting Irish.

Under Dan Beebe the Big XII teams aren’t playing nice. With the Big East collapsing, the Irish are in need of a home for its non football sports.  The ACC is swopping up Big East teams.  West Virginia may be the 14th school to the SEC. 

The conference needs new and better leadership.  Someone needs to come together and get the remaining 9 together and sit down as 9 equal entities.  Everyone has the same piece of the pie in the conversation.  Then they need to target 3 schools.  Notre Dame, Louisville and TCU.   The later 2 will be easy targets; Notre Dame is the BIG Fish.  AD Jack Swarbuck said the Irish will remain independent unless there is a seismic shift.  The Big East collapsing is a seismic shift.

Now you’re not going to get them to come over just like that, and probably not Texas or OU.  So if I’m the other 9, the revenue is going to be greater on their hand….but not much.  It still needs equality.  Split it that 10% goes to the conf.  9% to the big three and then 7 to the rest.  To get those 3 to play nice, that will need to be done.

What you get is a nice conference you can split easily for football and you get a decent basketball conference.  It’s obviously Kansas’s league in basketball but adding Rick Pitino and the Irish program doesn’t hurt.  Texas & Oklahoma have had decent programs and K-State had some success previously.  Iowa State should be decent this year too. 

With football split it as so, one division has Big 8 mainstays – OU/OSU/ISU/KSU/KU/Missouri.  The other is Notre Dame/Texas/TTech/TCU/Baylor/Louisville.  With OU-UT/ND in different divisions you should have more competitive balance.  Play the championship game in St Louis or Dallas and rotate it. 

TV wise, the current package with ESPN/FOX and the Big XII is probably null and void.  With Notre Dame you already have NBC tied so just add more.  Other than Notre Dame and the Gator Bowl NBC has no presence in college football.  This adds to it and to the NBC Sports Channel (formerly VS).  Then add in a deal with Fox/ESPN and your sitting ok.

With Notre Dame in the mix you can probably get a better bottom tier bowl too.  Who’s not happy here? 
Everyone is happy.  The little brothers of the Texa$-10 are happy.  The Pac-12 isn’t 16.  The Big Ten is at 12.  The ACC and SEC are the only 14 team conf.  They are happy. 

Ok, well maybe Dan Beebe isn’t happy but I’m sure he’ll find a spot in the Texas Athletic Department somewhere at a cubicle; heck doesn’t he have that already?

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