NCAA12 Online Dynasty for XBOX360

We’ve got 5 spots in the dynasty going into Season 2.

If you are interested please sign up on the forum at the following LINK and comment under NCAA 12 Online Dynasty – Season 2:Teams. Please let us know the following:

     Your Xbox Live gamertag:
     What 2 star team you’d be interested in, we will let you know if they are available.

Our commish online is mancavehawkeye on xbox live. My tag is hawkeyemkn7. Feel free to add us as friends on live.

We advance 2 times a week.

You need to sign on with a 2 star or less team, play 1-2 human games a year.

With the coaches contracts we obviously can’t control the length you sign for when you select a school…so this is set up.

     If they have a 1 year deal and are looking to move on, then you can only move up 1 star in prestige.
     If they stay 2-3 years, they can move up 2 stars in prestige.
     If they stay 4-5 years they can move up 3 Stars in prestige.
     If you stay 6 years, you can go to any school that offers you.

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