Kids say the darndest things….

Really. It’s true. And sometimes it’s really hilarious, even when it’s something they shouldn’t be saying. So Monday night, we are sitting at DQ and sharing some ice cream. In walks my cousin Kevin and his friend Larry. He spots us and comes over and talks to us for about 5 minutes or so. He goes to get back in line and then Brady starts to say something over and over, and well it is mumbling to us at first and then clear. Brayden goes “Aw Damnitt, he’s funny!” and he says it over and over. Now at this point Shawnna and I are trying to not laugh and keep him quiet enough that he doesn’t shout it for the whole store to hear. But he keeps saying it, and to hear a 2 year old say that, yes its wrong, but damnit, it’s funny!

So we get in to the car, and he keeps saying it. We are now at the point where we want him to stop saying a naughty word so he doesn’t say it at daycare. Then Addyson chimes up, “Dad, Bradyen is saying a naughty word. He’s saying Damnitt and damnit is something little kids shouldn’t say”. My reply is why are you saying it then? Surprisingly after that, it all stopped. Then we get home and Shawnna asks “Brady, where did you learn that word?” Brady quickly chimes in, “From daddy”. Thanks kid for throwing me under the bus. No surprise, my reply from standing in the kitchen was, damnit!

Wednesday night is here and I got to mow tonight, then got softball practice on Thursday. Friday will come and go then Saturday will be Kyle’s bachelor party. Watch out Tom Hanks and Bradley Cooper, here we come! Yea we aren’t going to be running into Mike Tyson or stealing a Tiger or driving a bus through a theater (I don’t think at least) but hitting the downtown bars and Stormer’s game and any other establishment will be a lot of fun. I’m sure there will be pictures that no one will ever see too!

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