Holy Hannah Montana

So I’m sitting at work and about 30 mins in I throw the iPod on. I know there are playlists I have set up, which I will have to use more often, but today I just selected randomly all songs. Well the first dozen or so songs have played and my iPod is on a love fest with Hannah Montana! Now those songs aren’t on there for my listening pleasure. I have an almost 5 year old girl who LOVES Hannah and her songs. I put those songs on there for her when we drive to preschool to let her listen and sing them. She knows all the words. And I love hearing her sing. I don’t think she’s the next American Idol but love hearing her sing “Best of Both Worlds” and watching her little dance to the line “mix it all together”. She loves it too when she can hold the iPod. So along with Hannah, she loves Taylor Swift, and she’s all over my iPod too. Surprisingly though I haven’t heard any of her yet. I’m sure she’s yet to come. Hopefully after a little Tim and Toby and Kid.

That being said my funeral song just came on. Kind of morbid random thought, but I think it’s a good song. Leave the Memories Alone by Fuel. Was introduced to it by the WWE when Ric Flair retired after WrestleMania 24. He’s since come back as a manger with AJ Styles in TNA. But that was one of the best retirements the WWE has done. Specially the dark – secret tributes by Vince and the Undertaker after Raw went off the air.

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