What to talk about....

Not much on my mind today. This past Thursday my wife's grandfather passed away after battling a lot of illnesses. So Thursday, Friday and Saturday have been busy with my wife gone, getting outfits for the visitation and funeral, making plans for the kids on Sunday and Monday, and cleaning the house, doing the laundry and dishes so the wife wouldn't have too. Brady and I also got the yard pretty much 99% cleaned up from last fall. Hopefully sometime in the next few months I can get the front porch done.

Allergies hit me hard this week and I ended up only getting to the gym 2 days this week. Kind of upset me, but I've been physically worn out. Then add in from work that I'm mentally spent and now somewhat emotionally and I'm tired.

Brady has been challenging this week too. We have a heck of a time tryig to get him to bed and well its been frustrarting. Addy wasn't that bad, she'll crash anywhere, Brady has trouble. Anyone who is not reading this have a thought on how to get a 2 year old to sleep?

The I-Cubs have opened the Sandberg regime with 3 straight loses. They'll bounce back!

Cubs have choked away more leads in the past 5 games for me to deal with all year!

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