Allergies blow…..

So the past 2 weeks have been rough, physically, mentally and emotionally. Work has been really busy with Wachovia Conversion, program updates and well just busy and taxing mentally and wearing me down. On top of that, allergies are kicking my butt the past 2 weeks. Sneezing and itching eyes and everything else that comes with it is just adding to wearing me down. Really hurting too on me trying to wake up at 445 in the AM to go work out. I was only there 2 days a last week and will be 2 days this week. I need to get my butt going all week next week, otherwise Dam to Dam is going to kick my butt. I am still losing weight though. Weighed in at 198 today. For those who aren’t reading and scoring at home, that is 32 pounds and 13.91% percent lost. So the emotional part involved my wife’s grandfather passing away. It’s been rough and has made us think a lot more about our families, and kids and where we are. Hopefully we will be following through on what we discussed. Softball practice tonight, please rain stay away!!

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