Monday's Suck

know Garfield has it all right. Monday’s suck.

Sure you can wake up and have a great attitude and start the week off great, but really? After a weekend that included feeding the football fix by going to the Iowa spring practice, and also working outdoors, waking up this morning at 445 sucked. Yes I made it to the gym to work out. I was, and am still tired though. Ready to crash again. I’m going to have to go grab my coffee quick. Then today I have a team lunch, which is good, but I will want to crash after it. And it being Monday I’ll want to crash harder! Hopefully this week goes pretty quick though. Start testing for a project, and completing some work on that. Softball practice (YES!) on Thursday night again in Indianola, and then finally on Saturday Night, Kyle’s Bachelor party. We’ll try to steal a tiger! JK!

But until then and for another 15.5 hours, I’m with the great big furry orange cat. Monday’s suck!

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