When did my 4 year old become a teenager?

So you would think getting a 4 year old ready to go to preschool would be easy? Think again. My daughter, almost 5, is a diva. She’s not yet Charpay from High School Musical. (yes I’ve seen it about 40 times-sad I know). But she already is a shopper when she goes with her mom. Has 3 times as many shoes as I do already. I do call her my tomboy princess, because she does like to be outside and dig up worms and play with them, all while she’s dressed up in a nice dress. When I was her age, and maybe it’s because I’m a male, I wore what was picked out, put it on and went on my way. From my experiences with my mom and sister, the clothes issue never came to a topic till Junior High and High School. So when it comes to getting ready in the morning it’s a struggle.

We will pick out clothes before she goes to bed and she’s ok with them. Come the morning….all hell breaks loose and the shirt isn’t good and the pants feel funny. The socks don’t fit right. Seriously. And then when we let her pick out her own clothes it’s all dresses. She’ll pick out a short skirt when its 7 degrees outside. When I know the weather and tell her to get some jeans, she’ll come back with a dress. She loves dresses, loves to be “princessed” up. But at all times is that necessary? Shouldn’t she be in jeans or pants or something too? Summer comes, and shorts? Then what I really don’t understand is she asks to have some shirts she picks out, and then doesn’t wear them. I think that is what bugs me the most. Maybe I’m just crazy old dad that should let mom handle it. I don’t know, but my little girl is turning into a teenager over night, want her to just stay young and a kid for a little while longer.

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