3's a company? or a crowd?

So the Miami Heat have pulled off the biggest coup in sports this summer. Some thought the Pac-10 was going to stealing 6 schools from the Big XII, but nope. Keeping Dwayne Wade, and getting Chris Bosh and Lebron James they are now the favorite in the NBA’s Eastern Division to get to the finals.

Last night Lebron, on a one hour special, pretty much gave Cleveland the bird, his home town, and has left for what looks to be greener pastures. Moments later, the Cavs owner calls him a coward and quitter. This is getting a little highschoolish isn’t it? First off, Lebron should have never done the one hour special just to give Cleveland the bird. Second, the NBA really needs some restructuring of its salary cap or to contract some teams. The league has to few good players and too many teams. A title now doesn’t mean what it used to years back. And finally, it sounds like the 3 had a plan like this since 2008 at the Olympics.

The Heat are D-Wade’s team, they will be while he is there. Any failure will be put at Lebron’s feet. Remember no matter how many titles they win, D-Wade already has a ring and will always have 1 more than anyone else. And how’s this for a stat. Adam Morrison has 2 rings, Lebron has 0.

My gut feeling is that if no one gets hurt, they get about 60 wins, and a top 2 seed. I think they roll through the first round of the playoffs. Win Conf semifinals like 4-1, and then in a battle with the Magic, they win 4-3 and have a show down with the LA Lakers in the finals. Lakers win in 7. So all this hub-bub is all for nothing.

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