Who's in your 5? Iowa Hawkeye Games in the Ferentz Era

With the college football season coming up soon, just not fast enough, and a lot of local media are creating their own list of top games and top story lines....welll here is mine. Top Hawkeye games in the Ferentz Era? Now there are many ways to take this, as in the most impactful on the program, the most memorable for the program, or ones that I’ve just enjoyed the most. So I think this list is a combination of all of them.

5. Iowa – Michigan State 2009: Stanzi leads the Hawks to a TD on the last play as time expires capping a 70 yard drive.

5. Iowa – Purdue 2002: Dallas Clark has a huge game, Brad Banks leads Hawks back in the final minutes before a last second INT seals the deal.

4. Iowa – Penn State 2008: Upsetting the #3 team in the nation on national TV and setting into motion what was coming in 2009.

3. Iowa – LSU 2004: Tate to Holloway!

2. Iowa – Michigan 2002: The beat down in the big house. Hawks won 34-9 in total dominating fashion. Worst home loss for UM in like 35 years.

1. Iowa – Penn State 2000. The Ladell Betts run in over time that capped the win at Beaver Stadium and then the Hawks won 3 of the next 4, 2001 the Alamo then.


  1. 1) 11/3/1990; #13 Iowa at #5 IL; my first road game w/o the parental units;

    2) 10/19/1996; Iowa @ Penn State;

    3) 9/20/2003; Arizona State @ Iowa;

    4) 10/20/1990; Iowa @ Michigan;

    5) 11/2/1991; Iowa @ Ohio State;

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