And the loser dad of the week goes too....

So this week I feel like I get a bad dad award. Last week I had talked to them about taking them to Clear Lake for a couple days and hanging out at my aunt & uncles and playing on the beach, and swimming and boat rides and all the fun stuff that goes along with Clear Lake. I’m not going to be able to get them there a whole week like I got when I was young, but a couple days and they are happy and it’s fun to get away too.

Well Monday morning I was planning on leaving after work and taking them up. Something at work didn’t go right in our testing, so that got pushed back to leaving a half day Tuesday and going up then coming home Wednesday evening. Tuesday I get into work and déjà vu happens. Not leaving work early.

Tuesday when I went to pick up my daughter from preschool, I told her and it was one of the worst feelings telling her that we weren’t going. Right away her lip pops out and then eyes swell up. Then the wife tells me when she picked up my son, he kept asking her, “where are we going? Are we going somewhere?” yea that made me feel better!

The only thing that could make it up is that I’m hopefully going to be able to get them up there in August for a couple days. I really hope work doesn’t get in the way because it sucks when they are looking forward to something like this so much then because of work it falls through. We also played candyland and I made homemade blizzards to try to smooth everything over.

So if there is a bad dad award, or most disappointing award or loser of the week award, I’m sure I’m a nominee.

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