Who's in your 5? Stadiums

Ok, to steal from SoundOff again. What’s in your 5, favorite ball parks.

Now I haven’t been to a lot of baseball stadiums (only 4, Wrigley – Kaufman – Coors – Old Yankee), so I’m going to go on all ball parks, football and baseball.

I'm sure people who may glance by here have been to more, let me know what your 5 are.

5. Kaufman – nice stadium and heard they made some upgrades. Place a family could go and enjoy a day at the park.

4. Coors Field – pretty cool newer stadium, and had a really fun time there too

3. Ohio Stadium – simply the loudest stadium I’ve ever been too.

2. Wrigley Field – though it’s becoming more expensive of a trip, a game in the bleachers is worth it.

1. Kinnick Stadium – seriously, is there any other?

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  1. Safeco Field in Seattle is pretty kickass.