Who’s in your 5? - 80’s action movie characters

The decade that brought us the Terminator, Indiana Jones and John McClain among others is now getting the top 5 treatment. These are my 5, who are yours?

5. Dalton (Roadhouse) – Pain don’t hurt

4. Terminator – Arnold was a bad ass cyborg in the original.

3. Rambo – Seriously does the dude ever run out of ammo? And whatever you do, don’t kill the girl he likes.

2. John McClain - Yippee Kay Yea Mother Fu#ker$

1. Indiana Jones – Seriously is there any better? All he needs is a whip! And the fedora

I almost gave Arnold a second nod with Commando but that is basically a Rambo rip off. And Chuck Norris with the Missing in Action movies, but he had a team too.

1 comment:

  1. Bloodsport, Jean-Claude Van Damme
    Chuck Norris, all his movies are bad ass!
    Lethal Weapon, Mel Gibson
    Above the Law, Steven Seagal
    Batman, Jack Nicholson