Who’s in your 5? Video Games

So the wonder of video games have been around since well like 1986 in my mind when I got my Nintendo. From NES to Super NES, Sega, PS1, PS2 and then Xbox and 360 and then also computer games, I’ve played a hand full of games. What are my favorite. Here we go.

T5. Civ series on PC – If only my computer could process it as fast as I wanted so it would run smoother and quicker. I could get lost for hours in that game building up my army and civilization, then trying to take over other countries.

T5. Knights of the Old Republic 1 & 2 – The first real Action/RPG game I played, and getting immersed into the Star Wars universe was awesome. And then building my lightsabers and not only having 1, but 2 going and killing sith! I hope another game comes out from this series for 360!

4. Contra – the best weapon ever on this game. The Spread gun.

3. Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 – the game that got me hooked on online play. Loved spending hours upon hours at night playing this with the now defunct mwcgamers.com clan. If I could have only got my mic/ear piece to work earlier!

2. Tecmo Bowl/Tecmo Super Bowl – the first great football game, and the home of the best video game athlete ever, Bo Jackson. I remember playing with the Bears at my parents old house, and I’d keep stats on the original when the game didn’t, and then draw and create my own BIG PEACH (what the Des Moines Register used to call it’s Sunday Sports) Great memories.

1. NCAA Football series by EA Sports – I don’t even want to know how many hours I’ve spent playing a dynasty on here, or the classic matches vs. Fouch before the bus would leave for basketball games. Add in the new feature of creating your own school online and all the advances up uploading your own highlights. SWEET! I’ve owned ever game in the series but one.

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