Best and Worst of the Weekend - And the Oscar goes too

Best – Best of the weekend, hmm….other than relaxing at home and not having to go to the hospital and just sitting and playing games with the kids and being able to take a nap, that was my best.  Enjoyed the fact that my daughter got to go hang out with her cousin and aunt going to the Justin Bieber movie.  A big best that I didn’t have to go.  Ryleigh is doing great just need to get her to sleep during the night and get comfortable.

Worst – Worst is probably the fact that I think Brayden is getting sick again, another sinus infection.  I think we are going to have to go to an ENT and think of him getting tubes.  Sucks when the little guy gets sick.  Another worst was the weather.  Snow, again?  really?  I don’t mind the cold, and the frozen ground, but when it snows/melts/freezes/melts it gets muddy outside.  I don’t like that.  Dog brings in dirt than.  Final worst is I didn’t get out to 34’s in Ankeny to see the band Nice Bangs with some friends.  Would have liked to have got out but wasn’t able to with the new born and the wife on the c-section.

Oscar Thoughts –
  • I want to know what James Franco was looking at all night, he seemed to be looking up to the right every time he was on TV as host, except when he was in a dress. 
  • Toy Story 3 I thought was the BEST movie last year, I’m glad it got the best animated movie, but why wasn’t Mega Mind or Despicable Me not nominated either?
  • I gotta see the Fighter and 127 hours!
  • Social Network got screwed!   Why are we giving British crap Oscars?  This is the fricken USA! 

I said this on my facebook profile and will say it here again too.  THANK YOU MOM for everything you helped with this past week.  With the older kids in the morning and the night, with the laundry…it seemed the clothes that were worn one day were cleaned and folded by the next morning…with the suppers and with Ryleigh and everything I haven’t mentioned.  Truly thank you mom! 

To end today, Happy Birthday Dad!  Thank you also for everything you do that I don’t say thank you enough for.  And Happy 82nd Hayden Fry!  Best days of my childhood were Saturdays in the fall going to Iowa games with my dad.  We’d leave about 730 for an 11 am start, hit up the Amana’s for breakfast, park down by the softball field and walk up to Kinnick and get in to watch the warm-ups and the band play.  After the game we’d drive home and listen to Zable and Soundoff, and check off our picks for the weekend to see how we did.  When we got home we’d grill up some steaks with mom, and watch the late game on ESPN in the basement.  Loved those days!  Hope to relive them with my son too!

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