Red, Secretariat and some more....

The last 2 movies I've seen from Redbox have been really good ones, and both star John Malkovich.  First one I saw was the action comedy RED and then next Secretariat.  First with RED, I kind of knew what I was getting, an action comedy with Bruce Willis.  Willis with a gun, it had to be decent right?  And it was.  But John Malkovich's crazy character stole the show for me.  Helen Mirren, ehh, could have done with out her, her with a gun didn't just seem right.  Maybe Betty White?  Even so it was a good fun movie to watch, and Malkovich's character alone is worth the watch.

Tonight was Secretariat, movie of the greatest race horse in the history of horse racing. Like with SeaBiscuit, it gave a story on the owners and trainer along with the horse.  And it was pretty good, even if it was "Hollywood"  What they don't mention in the movie is that Lucien, Ronnie and the stable had the 1972 Kentucky Derby and 1972 Belmont winner Riva Ridge in their barn.  But what fun would that be and where would the drama be?  Still it was a great movie.  Again John Malkovich was great.  Really liked the Eddie character and Diane Lane was great too.

Some other movie notes
-I posted on the casting of Anne Hathway and Tom Hardy in the final Nolan Batman film, Dark Knight Rises, and mentioned I'd like to see a 4th with Joseph Gorden-Levitt as the Riddler....well I may get my wish!

-Some Captian America talk here

-Hugh Jackman to be a stockier Wolverine in 'The Wolverine'

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