Best and Worst of the Weekend - Ryleigh

A little late, but its worth it.

BEST - Well if you haven't heard by now, my 3rd child, second daughter, Ryleigh, was born on Friday morning.  She was born at 1054 and 19 3/4 and 8pds 1 oz.  Full head of hair, a beautiful little girl.  She's been great the few days she's been around.  Really hasn't cried at all.  She has lost a little weight but that is to be expected, is eating great.  Has a little jondis but nothing to be to concerned about.  The nurses were great and very helpful all weekend long.  My mom has been great all weekend staying with my other two kids and taking care of them.  My mother in law came down and so did my sister-in-law and grandma-in-law.  My dad even came down, he didn't make the trip to the hospital the last 2 births but came down for this one.  He's scared to death of babies but I really appreciated him coming down.  It was great spending an hour or so with him.  Addy and Brayden have been great too.  Brayden has been a bit of a little of a 3 yr old but that's what he is.  I will blog a little bit more about her and the whole experience later when I have more time.  But that is my best.

Worst - Me, my throat has continued to bug me which is I'm sure a sinus infection or something related.  The house, well at least Brayden and I just can't seem to shake it.  Sucks.  So I couldn't be involved as much as I wanted to be at the hospital and holding and cuddling Ryleigh as I wanted too.  Also a worst, my wife had some issues with her spinal and got a spinal head ache.  She really had it rough this time.  With Brayden we left a day early, she was up and ready to go.  This time, really was out of commission and didn't want visitors or anything.  Today though they took blood from her arm and shot it back into her spine and the headache was gone.

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