Best and Worst of the Weekend

Addy watching Hannah Montana
 BEST – It’s only a few days now till Ryleigh arrives. Best for a couple reasons. She’ll be here, and the wife won’t be so dang uncomfortable anymore! Addyson and I went and made a build-a-bear teddy bear for her. Her room is ready. Shawnna nested or something and cleaned the whole house. Maybe not nesting but maybe it was just wanting to clean? :) I can hope huh. Brayden has been doing great with potty training and I think we are going to go to just night time pull-ups for a little bit, then it’s all undies and boxers. Also finally the weather is gorgeous! No More Snow! Also got to sit through another viewing of Hannah Montana the Movie, not my pick, my daughters. She loved it again.

WORST – The weather! It’s melting all the snow and making mush of the yard, and also revealing where Hayden went poo and where I get to clean up coming up. Woo hoo! I need a good freeze to freeze it all so it’s not as bad picking it up. The one bad thing I hate about the melting snow. Also Brayden has his allergies acting up and he just looks and feels miserable. Wish I could take it away from him.

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