Super Bowl Prediction

Who will add to their banner?

Well I was hoping for a different match up in Dallas, really wanted my Bears there, and it would have been fun to have them vs my brothers Steelers, but the Packers won, I picked them there in the preseason to get beat by the Colts.  My brother picked the Steelers over the Packers back in September, and while I didn't agree with him then, I'm going to agree with him now.

It's nothing against Green Bay.  I thought that Clay Matthews was the best defender in the NFL this year and Aaron Rodgers, despite what Colin Cowherd thinks, is a top 3-5 QB in the NFL.  It's just that I think Pittsburgh Defense plays big enough in big games and Big Ben will make the plays to help the Steelers to their 7th Super Bowl Championship.  They are the gold standard in the NFL when it comes to how an organization should be run.

My pick: Pittsburgh 27 - Green Bay 24

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