Cliff Notes for Life

So I don’t agree with ESPN’s Radio Colin Cowherd much anymore (in fact I rarely listen to him) but I did hear something today via podcast that I agree with him on.  We are living in a cliff notes society.  Especially for those of us who are working 40+ hours a week, come home to kids and their activities and then try to have an actual relationship with your spouse.   People don’t have as much time to themselves anymore.  Do we want more, YES!  But what does a person cut out? 
My life I’ve seen has changed with this ever since my first daughter was born in 2005.  Prior to then I had been to about 95 Iowa football games.  That was my thing.  I knew  what my wife says is useless information (~disclaimer the useless junk I know wont be going away I dont think, but the addition of useless junk will be much less~).  Not only on sports, but on movies, quotes and other stuff.  Why did we memorize all the Super Bowl winners and MVPs, or quotes from all these shows and movies.  Was there a need to do that?  Now, NO.  With smart phones and the internet we have all of the information accessible to us WHENEVER WE WANT.  Wikipedia, IMDB, ESPN.  All places you can go and get whatever info you want.  So why memorize it?  This is scary because most of what Cowherd talked about I agree with.  Who has time to sit down and watch all the games.  Who has time to see EVERY play.  Who has time to watch movies over and make sure they get the lines down and memorize them to drop them to your buddies? 
Ever since kids, I’ve been to 7 Iowa games in the past 5 years.  Would I love to go to more, yes, easy answer.  But where’s the time?  Also Colin goes into talking to his wife getting home, asking “How was your day?”, (Now maybe this is a male thing too along with our society)  there is no need to “well I had to readjust my chair at my desk” or “the computer shut down and I had to restart it.”  It’s not disrespect, its I don’t have time to take it ALL in with everything else going on.  There are things I want details on such as vehicles when needed but really just give me the cliff notes version. 
When it comes to sports, I want to watch as much as I can, but I know with my kids and life I can’t commit to all that.  I watch as much as I can, which is still enough, and get the rest on Sports Center. But sitting down to 11 hours of football every Saturday and Sunday just isn’t going to happen.  Watching every March Madness game either. 
It’s not just sports, its tv.  I don’t watch shows every night.  I have a 3-5 that I watch religiously or even DVR and then watch them later.  But I can’t commit to 3 shows Mon, 2 Tues, 5 Wed, 4 Thurs.  That’s too much.  Movies, I have a lot I want to see and usually over a year after they are released I can get to see it.  I can’t schedule them in to my life, it’s a go by go thing. 
So I agree with Colin, give me the cliff notes version on most things.

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