BEST – Going to start with the hour or so that the kids and I were out playing in the snow.  It was fun to get out there with them and see them do snow angels and throw the snow around and dig snow volcanoes as Addy put it.  The Hawks won at Indiana!  First time the Hawks have had back to back Big Ten wins since 2007!  Hawks were down 58-48, then went on a 16-5 run to end the game.  Big win for Fran and the boys.

 The Super Bowl, it was a good game which I’m thankful for.  Remember when the game was all blowouts and over at halftime?  The past 4-5 years we’ve had classics!  Please NFL see what is going on and don’t lock out!  Favorite commercials – Faith Hill’s flower commercial, the Darth Vader VW Kid, and the NFL fans with all the TV shows.

WORST – Going back to playing in the snow, I was playing with Brady and then I look over my shoulder and see Addy sitting there pouting.  I go to ask her what’s wrong and she said “you like Brady more than me”  Really a kid says that and how am I not supposed to feel bad?  Really?  I was just playing with her and now went to play with Brady and she dropped that on me.  OUCH.

Super Bowl Thoughts

The best team on Sunday won.  With 3 turnovers, that's a huge hole to dig out of and try to win.  That being said before the 3rd, I thought Pittsburgh was going to go down and score before Mendanhall fumbled.  Heck when the Steelers and Big Ben got the ball back down 6 I had visions of Super Bowl 43 and thought that they would March down the field and get title #7.  Then the yellow hanky came out on the kick return.  The Steelers had plenty of penalties that killed drives Sunday and that penalty on the return was probably the biggest.  Good chance I think you can see both teams making deep runs again next year.  Congrats to the Packers, hard to hate them being a Bears fan, respect them.   I'm calling it right now, the Thursday night opener in 2011 on NBC will be Chicago at Green Bay.   I miss football already.  

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  1. The favoritism thing does suck. It's only happened to me once or twice but you're not prepared for it.

    The one line I always get it is "you're not my best friend any more", which is fine with me.