20 NBA Predictions

 Ok, I'm not a big NBA fan but I'll make some picks.  So here are 20 predictions for the 2010-2011 NBA Season
20. ESPN will over hype Lebron-DWade and Bosh so much that most sports fans will despise ESPN more
19.The Cavs will have the biggest fall from grace and not make the playoffs
18.Lebron thumps the Cavs in Cleveland, gets booed, and then after the game says he still loves Cleveland
17.Stu Scott will drop 2500 Bouyah’s! during ESPN’s season long coverage
16.Boston – LA will split their series, Shaq dominates in Boston and Kobe dominates in LA
15.Spurs win the Southwest Division
14. Lakers win the Pacific Division
13.This is Phil’s last year
12.Oklahoma City wins the Northwest Division
11.Kevin Durant wins the All-Star game MVP
10. Heat win the Southeast
9.Miami will not break the Bulls all-time win record
8.Bulls win the Central Division
7.Celtics win the Atlantic Division
6.Dwayne Wade wins the NBA MVP
5.I won’t watch any regular season games, maybe not even any games until the NBA Finals
4.Ratings for the NBA will be down except for Lakers and Heat games.
3.The Heat will roll through the East, beat the Magic in the Eastern Conference Finals 4-3.  The 3some Heat hype will be crazy. 
2.The Lakers will win the West over the San Antonio Spurs.  It will be the Spurs last run with Tim Duncan.
1.The Lakers will win the NBA Championship over the Miami Heat 4-2.  Kobe gets ring #6, but he’s still not Michael.