My Fading Fantasy

The lockout is over, players are moving all over the place and I can tell the NFL’s actions with players and owners have had an effect on me that I can really tell.  I’m not that excited about my D12 Fantasy football money league.  I finally took a look at it last week and started to correspond with the other 11 owners.  This is something that usually has been a yearlong thing for me.  Talking trades of draft picks and making sure we have a full league and seeing what we can do to move the league in a better direction.

The League I commish, the Dirty Dozen, has been around since 2003.  We’ve had a good core set of 5 players all the years we’ve been going.  I’ve been in the league every year but one, commishing all but 2 years.  We’ve gone from Yahoo to Fanball to ESPN.com.  Had 12 to 16 and back to 12 teams.  Keepers were added and so was draft order based on the previous year’s finish, and even added the Double D Cup traveling trophy.  I’ve got stats of all-time wins and past division champions too, but for some reason I’m just not feeling it this year.

And it’s not like because I haven’t had success.  In the 7 years I’ve been in the league, I’ve been in the money bracket 6 years.  Won at least my buy in back for 5 of those years….and I can only point to a few reasons why.

One – We’ve had rumblings last year with active/inactive users.  Daily trade requests and questionable player perceived value.  Draft format was in there too and time it took to track all of this.  That resulted in losing 6 teams, blowing up the league and starting it over.  Maybe some stability will help.

Two – Being commish in a money league sucks, especially when you have to collect money after the season.  I’m still waiting for payment from one team from 2010 (they aren’t back in 2011).  I’m also going to be utilizing PayPal this year so hopefully that helps with collecting and paying out.

Three – My interest in picking players who are arguing over MILLIONS, and MILLIONS of dollars kind of in the back of my head ticks me off.  There are people out there going pay check to pay check and they are arguing over a lifestyle that many of us only dream of.  The lockout here is going to make me a little disinterested in the NFL this year, give me college any day.

Four – Finally I like the pick’em games more.  There is less drama, its right or wrong.  Black and White, no grey area and luck isn’t involved when you pick up a 3rd string back guessing who might get hurt or get the most carries.  I’ll post those games when they are available for those interested!

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