Oh what a day....

Sometimes you just have some days that are like....wow...really, this is all happening.  Especially with kids.  Today was one of them.  

This morning my 3 yr old son woke up crying and screaming in pain.  This isn't normal...really.  He doesn't like to wake up really unless he's getting to stay home and watch cartoons.  So he is staying home obviously.  I call and get him an appointment but not till midday.  He struggled through the morning but laying on his side he was ok.  he had trouble walking comfortably, and getting up and down off the couch or chairs.  

Then comes the appointment.  We have a nurse come in and talk to us and she can visibly see that my boy is hurting.  She left and the doctor came in 30 mins later and did some initial looking over of him.  She had him on the table and did the normal check of ears, eyes and nose.  Also checked his tummy which was obviously hurting him.  She ordered a blood test, pee test and xrays.  

Pee test he did fine.  XRays were good.  He stuck his tongue out at the "camera".  Then came the Blood Test.  I sat up in the chair, in charge of holding an arm and two legs.  Another nurse was in charge of holding him down, another held and iPad for him to watch a Toy Story movie/book to calm him down.  But it didn't matter, as soon as that needle went in his arm, he was wiggling and crying.  It seemed like forever knowing he was hurting there and holding him....but he got through it and made it.  In the end he scored 8 Toy Story and Captain America stickers.  

After all this and getting him a snack, we headed up to the doctors office again.  He was a good trooper.  Sat and watched cartoons well and was really quiet though he was in pain.  Eventually 4 hours or so into the whole trip, we got the results.  No appendicitis....no constipation or a lot of poop in the intestines... don't really know what it is.  So that's that.  4 hours all those tests and "oh just watch him"  How is that supposed to help?

As a parent seeing my kids in pain is one of the worst things, this is one of the worst moments.  So trekked home.  Think that is enough for one day?  Oh no.  

Tonight while playing a matching game my boy, who by this time was feeling a little better, hit my daughters gatorade bottle that happened to be in her mouth.  Instant screaming and bleeding.  The right front tooth is bleeding and hanging.  Crap just what needed to happen.  Sent the boy to his room and we got the tooth out.  

So that was my day.  I'm worn out, ears feel weird....throat too and now gotta get hook up with the tooth fairy tonight.  

Never thought the day would begin with my son not barely able to walk and get up on the couch...and ends with him knocking out his sisters front tooth.  

Time to bed.

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  1. Wow. That is a real turd of a day! I am so sorry and that sounded really really stressful.
    Did you have a beer after they went to bed? Or 3?