Landscaping Aggie Style

Kickoff is about 30 hours away from the 2011 season and the fault line in college football is shaking.  Texas A&M sent a letter to the BIG XII (no confirmation yet on if it was in crayon and included pop ups or pictures so Dan Bebee could understand) letting them know, “Hey – while you other 8 are happy sucking on Doloss Dodd’s teets…we want something better”  and are leaving the conference as of June 30, 2012.  Hello SEC!  Dan Bebee also released a statement here.

That would put 13 teams in the SEC, 13 may work in the MAC but it won’t work in the SEC.  So the Aggies need a dance partner.  I’m guessing the most likely candidates are going to be from the ACC in Clemson or Florida State.  That puts the SEC at 14, you know the Pac-12 and Big Ten will not go quietly either, so we will go back to what we had last year in the landscape of college football being on shaky ground.

The fate of the Big XII depends on Texas, and how many other schools have enough cache to go up against them?  Oklahoma – No….Missouri – No.  Texas is now more powerful than ever, but as we learned in SpiderMan, “With great POWER comes great RESPONSIBILITY!”  Who does Texas care about?  Texas.  You think that they care about Kansas or Kansas State or Iowa State?  NOPE!  Heck the Big XII catered to them when they moved the basketball tournament from Kansas City to Oklahoma City and Dallas (where no one cares about it) and moves head quarters to Dallas from Kansas City.  Basically Bebee bent over and grabbed ankles for Doloss Dodd’s and his Longhorns.

Going to throw out some new prediction here.  In 2015 you will see a very different college football, because it’s all about football in the end,  landscape. 

§  The conferences will grow to SUPER CONFERENCES.  The Big Ten, Pac-16, ACC and SEC will each have 16 teams.  The Big East will be shredded to the ACC and other conferences.  The Mountain West will almost have a conference USA feel to it and spread across the Central and Mountain time zones and capture a BCS Bid.  Notre Dame will have to join a conference or be left out.  The Big 4 will put enough pressure on them.

§  The BCS will expand to add in the Cotton Bowl.  That will then be 12 BCS bids including the Championship Game.  Along with that, the 4 super conferences will now be assured at least 2 BCS bids.  Along with the Mountain West that will be 9 automatic bids.  Leaving 3 spots as “At-Large”

§  Also in 2015 you see the Big Ten going to 9 conference games, which is great to play each other in your conference more, but there will be a 13 game regular season.  Games at home are lucrative for the BIG schools.  They supply the money to fund all the other varsity sports.  And more and more you hear about state regents offices wanting the this universities to be off state tax payer feeding.  Another home game helps.  Also, it frees up some scheduling.  In the case of Iowa with having the Iowa State game there, when you play at Ames you need to play 2 cupcakes at home.  This will free up to add another game vs the likes of Arizona that we’ve seen in the past.

§  I wish I could say that bowls will be reduced but I think we may see more bowls…unfortunately.

That’s just what I’m seeing in my crystal ball right now as of August 31st 2011. 

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