Who’s in your 5 College Football Entrances/Traditions

Getting pumped for the start of the college football season, going to take a look around the nation at my top 5 college football entrances/traditions.  It all starts in highschool running through cheerleader decorated paper and tearing it up to college teams touching an symbol or other extravagant actions.  Each home team puts a twist on how the teams enter the field and pump up the home crowd.  A lot of them are the same and copy cat rip offs but a few have stuck for years and stick out

Honorable Mention– Clemson (Howard’s Rock), Notre Dame (Play like a Champion Today)

5.Ohio State / Michigan – The 2 Big Ten Rivals are tied once again, and both are ones I’ve seen in person.  Ohio State’s script Ohio (though by the band) is actually pretty cool to see in person and then the tuba player dots the ‘I’ or a famous alum does.  They then do a mock swarm and run on to the field.  Michigan has been hitting the “GO BLUE” Banner for 40+ years now.  The Big House is a frenzy when the team runs from the locker rooms and jump and touch the banner held up  at mid field to the other sideline of the field while “Hail to the Victors” is playing.  Both are cool to see and glad I can say I’ve seen them both in person.


4. Miami(Fl) – The innovators.  I remember in the 80s when Miami was coming on tv the entrance was something that matched the Bulls introductions in the 90s.  The Old Orange Bowl was spooky enough, and then to add the smog machine and the players then running through it on to the field.  Back then, talk about some intimidating going on.  It’s why it’s the U.

3.Iowa  - Back in Black Blaring and Enter Sandman blaring throughout Kinnick.  The big screen with the Hawk Semi running over the opponent on its way to Kinnick.  The I-O-W-A flags followed by the swarm, all the guys as one coming on to the field.  Hawkeye Fight Song then played by the Iowa Marching band.  Almost getting goosebumps (I want some football!)

2.Colorado – The stadium is cool no matter what you say with the mountains there…then add in a 500 pound buffalo running at speeds of 25 miles an hour out of the tunnel.  Don’t get in the way of Ralphie! 

1.Florida State – The only thing that may be able to slow down Ralphie is a spear…and that’s what happens in Talahassee.  Chief Osceola and Renegade ride out to the 50 yard line at Doak Campbell Stadium and throws a spear into the center of the FSU logo.  Oh and the spear is ON FIRE.  For an added twist when the Nole’s host the Florida Gators, Chief Osceola jumps off the horse and standing drives the spear in to the ground.  Add in the warchant and its pretty cool.

There’s my take…what’s yours?

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