How I'd fix the WWE

Welcome to the WWE....notice things haven't changed in a while.  Cena with a title belt.  How long has it been like this?  Like for the past 3-4 years.  It was like this before that when it was HHH who held the belt for years, and then long before that it was Hogan for like 5 years straight.  At least in the 90s you got Stone Cold, the Rock and Mankind fighting over the belt with a little Brock Lesnar, Chris Jericho and Big Show too.  But yes I get it, I get it, Cena sells shirts and the kids love him.  He's Vince's cash cow.  

What they don't seem to understand is that Cena doesn't need the belt to still sell all the shirts and merchandise. Cena doesn't need a belt to make Wrestlemania matches sell.  I don't understand why the WWE doesn't get this?

And for the past 5 or 6 years there have been 2 champions.  Huh?  How can 2 be champs.  It's like 1990 when Georgia Tech and Washington tied for the College Football National Championship.  Just not right.  There should only be 1 champ.

How I would fix the WWE.  And before we get into it all, yes i know its staged.  But here we go.  The talent is so thin the Rogain guy needs called in for help, the rosters of Smackdown and Raw need combined.  You get to much of the same crap over and over.

When you do that you have a 32 men bracket for the WWE Championship.  The World Heavyweight championship is gone.  No more.  Sorry Big Gold Belt.

As each person loses they get thrown into one of 2 battle royals, one for the Intercontinental Championship and the other for the US Championship.  Your roster all gets exposed here pretty much.  New feuds can be created than the normal ones we see.  

With only 3 belts there and a full roster, you can build up the Tag Team titles.  Remember back in the 80s when there was Demolition, the British Bulldogs, and the Hart Foundation.  Now we get Santino and someone.  The tag titles have taken a hit.  You build that up and newer talent can build off each other.

Finally bring back the Hardcore title.  This can be something like the ECW title where it was EXTREME!  When Big Show had the ECW title he KICKED ASS, TOOK NAMES!  Now he gets beat by dudes 1/3 his size.  Not right!  Let him roll with the Hardcore title and just beat the tar out of people!

Finally to go in further with the WWE title bracket, you need Cena to go far, maybe final four, and lose.  Then run in on the championship and turn heel!  No one would expect it.

That's how I'd fix the WWE.  What do you think?

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