Lasting Images – Hayden Fry

Friday Hayden is supposed to be in Iowa City to kick off an announcement for the FRY-Days event.  Marc Morehouse has predicted a statue, which would look great outside of Kinnick. 

Throughout my life I have a lot of lasting images of Hayden, heck I went one year as Hayden for Halloween.  Had the shades, white pants and black hawkeye jacket.  Even named my dog Hayden.  I always remember being able to spot him from the stands with the white pants sticking out.  Remember his fist pumps in the air, and the stache.  I was lucky to meet him once and got a picture with him and my dad and buddy. 

My lasting image isn’t from a Big Ten Championship year or the 1 vs 2 game…but rather the 1995 Sun Bowl.  Hayden was 0-3 in Rose Bowls and 0-2 vs Washington in those Rose Bowls, but in 1995 the Hawks played the Pac-10 Co-Champs Huskies in El Paso and Sedrick Shaw, Jared DeVries, Tim Dwight and Tavian Banks went nuts on the Huskies.  Still can remember Sedrick’s long TD run in the 1st quarter and Jim Nantz’s call.  “this time there’s running room for Sedrick Shaw, no one’s gonna catch him!  Touchdown Iowa”  Brion Hurley drilled a couple of long field goals too.  Hawks won 38-18. 

It wasn’t the Rose Bowl, but it was a big win for Hayden beating the Pac-10 Champs, and was carried off the field.  That’s my lasting image.

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