NFL Predictions - 2010

And so begins another NFL Season. Brett Favre is retired, so did Kurt Warner. Brett Favre came back. The Bears went 0-4 in the preseason. And I think Rex Ryan just said fuck again for the 2000th time on Hard Knocks. So with that, no one knows what's going to happen this year. SO here are my picks that are sure to be wrong.

AFC East – New England Patriots
AFC North – Baltimore Ravens
AFC South – Indianapolis Colts
AFC West – San Diego Chargers
AFC WC – Cincinnati Bengals
AFC WC – New York Jets

NFC East – Dallas Cowboys
NFC North – Green Bay Packers
NFC South – New Orleans Saints
NFC West – San Francisco 49ers
NFC WC – Atlanta Falcons
NFC WC – New York Giants

NFC Champ
Green Bay Packers over New Orleans Saints

AFC Champ
Indianapolis Colts over Balitmore Ravens

Indianapolis Colts over Green Bay Packers

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  1. Super Bowl Picks
    Dannettes and DP:
    Seeton – Patriots over Packers
    McLovin – Saints over Chargers
    Paulie – Jets over Packers
    Fritzy – Cowboys over Jets
    DP – Colts over Packers (copy cat!)
    Dungy – Colts over Cowboys

    Lannie – Colts over 49ers
    Kyle – Vikings over Ravens
    Cech – Ravens over Packers
    LaCock – Ravens over Cowboys
    Aldrich – Packers over Jets
    Bethel – Colts over Saints
    Mike – Steelers over Packers
    Chad – Colts over Vikings
    Buls – Packers over Colts