Best and Worst of the Weekend – 120 Minutes of Monster Trucks

The weekend was pretty good, and some ups and downs, more ups though than anything else, which is always a plus.

Friday I got off of work and had a tasty beverage and some buckhunter and picture find before heading home and getting the Brayden to go out for Boys Night out.  After getting him in a cleaned up and ready to go, we headed out to go for supper.  He wanted to go where I went and got Tator Tots New Years Eve.  The Highlife!  I obliged.  On the way there Grandpa called and talked to Bray about where he was going and Bray asked if he was going and was going to watch on TV.  When I parked at the Highlife and got him out, I locked the door, I looked over and he was already at the door.  He got to the bar and helped him up, the bartender came over and Brayden without waiting a second told him, “Can I have a cheeseburger and a sprite?”  The kid at the whole burger, and I told him if he ate his whole burger he could play a video game.  He chose Silver Strike, only bowled a 32 but then it was on to MONSTER TRUCKS!

Last year at Monster Jam there were only 5 trucks and 2 at Free Style blew engines.  This year they had 8 and one was Sun-ava Digger.  A little grave digger off shoot, there was also El Toro Loco, a truck with horns and a brand new Hot Wheels truck.  These things were a lot louder than I remember last year.  Brayden had his ear phones so he was ok; I covered my ears a few times.  But we had a blast.  The best was sitting there with him during the races and we’d each pick who we thought would win, and then El Toro Loco in free style got a little crazy and wiped out and broke a horn.  At one point Bray looked at me and said “Dad – THIS IS AWESOME!”  It was all worth it then.  Saturday Grandpa called too and asked Brayden how it was and they talked about it a bit.

We also had an embarrassing moment in the bathroom but that’s that…can’t go any further.

Saturday not much went on till the afternoon.  The oldest kids and I went to Jordan Creek Mall to play.  Well Brayden played more than Addy.  She wanted to play Angry Birds.  We were there about 30-40 minutes and I guess a fellow tweep was there 5 people down.  After that time the kids did the “I’m hungry dad…I’m Thristy dad” so we walked around a bit and got a snack and walked a bit some more till Lil Miss Social (Addyson) saw a friend from class in a store and HAD to go say hi.  Went in and I saw another tweep there but I didn’t say hi, because Brayden was pulling off all bracelets and ear rings from the racks.  Also on the way Addy was stopped in her tracks window shopping.  She wants a new dress and she stopped dead in her tracks and just looked at the dress.  I’m screwed when she’s a teenager. 

On the way home we stopped and got pizza and a couple movies for Sat night, and then Brayden drilled his head walking into 2 doors too.  Kids wanted to see “How to train a Dragon” and I got “500 Days of Summer” after being told from tweeps it’s was worth seeing.  Both movies cost me $0.47.  Nice deal there at Family Video.  I thought 500 Days was pretty good.  It’s a different flick which I think makes it better than what mostly Hollywood is putting out.  And the New Girl chick is easy on the eyes too.  Minka Kelly at the end is nice too! 

Saturday Night the worst of the weekend came.  Brayden got sick.  There’s nothing like cleaning up puke in the middle of the night.  Changing sheets, doing laundry, cleaning the kid up.  After about an hour I laid with him and a puke bucket the rest of the night, until….Ryleigh woke up and wouldn’t go back to sleep.  So I left Bray and his bucket and went to the hit the recliner with Ryleigh for the next 3-4 hours.  Let me tell you my back felt GREAT Sunday morning. 

Sunday was a lazy day with Bray recovering.  Bray spent most the day in his room playing and napping.  Ryleigh the same way, napping, eating and playing (kids have it easy!).  Addy and I went out in the afternoon for a walk down by Sec Taylor and the river about near dusk.  She took her scooter and I walked by her and we went about 1.5 miles.  We talked about the river and the bridges and the moon and the geese by the river.  It was a fun little time with her.  We stopped by Mullets for a drink afterwards too.  She had a Shirley temple and I a GrainBelt.  Ended the weekend with a little Xbox and a new iphone game, thanks Jen, addicted now.

Over all it was a really pretty good weekend, a dad weekend mostly.   

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  1. You are so very welcome. I hear you suck pretty bad at Buck Hunter too....just sayin'.