Fight the resistance!

So I’m on about week 3-4-5 of having salads for lunch and trying to lose weight and get ready working out for Softball, summer, life and dam to dam (only the 5K) and I’ve done this before so I know I can do it, BUT it is really really hard not going to get a sweet, especially after Christmas and the 3 day weekend for New Year’s, and oh hey look there is a 3 day weekend coming up with MLK day.  I seem to do ok here at work and have fought the temptations to go snack on sweets, my fruits that I bring usually hit the spot.  But at home is the hard part.  I try to limit the portions for supper and not eat after 7pm, BUT if I’m not busy at night I’ve found myself looking through the cupboards at what is around for a snack.  Most nights I’ve been able to take like a bite of one thing and be done and get some water. 

Ryleigh still isn’t sleeping through the night so my work out in the AM at the Y hasn’t started up again yet.  I’ve been using the free weights I have and broke out the $300 close hanger, I mean treadmill too and have tried to keep myself busy and active instead of on the futon in the man cave. 

Hopefully I’ll find stuff to keep me going enough fight the urges to eat junk.

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  1. What works for me, as an avid sweets fan, is a handful of M&M's about an hour after dinner. That way I had something sweet but didn't stuff my face with the coveted brownie..
    Dieting sucks. I'm there with ya.