Lasting Images - Championship Weekend

I haven’t done one of these in a while and with Championship Weekend coming up I’m going to throw one out there.

For me being a fan of the Bears I’m more drawn to the NFC Title games and playoffs more so than the AFC, yes its all the NFL but for some reason my focus has been there.  So there have been many great Championship weekend games in both leagues but as in all facets of life, this is biased….and I’m going to have a couple images here.

First off – 1985!  Chicago Bears vs LA Rams.  The Bears dominated and shut out the Rams and in the 2nd half the snow started to fall and the D forced a turnover that lead to OLB Wilbur Marshall picked up a fumble and had his neck pad nearly ripped off and got out of it and rumbled in for a score. 

Fast forward to 2006 and back in Solider for the Bears hosting the New Orleans Saints.  The Bears struggled a bit early on with the Saints, including giving up a long touchdown (and taunt) to Reggie Bush.  Then it was all Bears though with Rex Grossman and Thomas Jones running the show and capturing the NFC title and Urlacher raising the Halas Trophy.

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