Final GFR College Football Rankings

I didn’t post these weekly as it does take a bit of time!  But it’s here for the final GFR standings.

This year’s GFR National Champion – The LSU Tigers. 

Yes they got beat, but the Tigers resume` is one of the most impressive in YEARS:
Here’s who LSU has beaten in 2011:
Oregon – Pac12 and Rose Bowl Champs
West Virginia – Big East and Orange Bowl Champs
Alabama – The BCS Champion in their home Stadium
Arkansas – Cotton Bowl Champ
Auburn – Peach Bowl (I will not call it the name it is now) Champ
Florida – Gator Bowl Champ
Mississippi State – Music City Bowl Champ
Georgia – SEC East Champs – lost

They didn’t have a Cam Newton type player; they are a solid team and one I would put up against almost any of the past National Championship teams since the 2001 Miami Hurricanes.

Oklahoma State was the only other team that had a shot at the top spot all year, the OT loss at Iowa State helped the Tigers edge the Cowboys.  Alabama ended up finishing 4th.

The Final GFR top 25
*IOWA STATE finished #53
*IOWA finished #55

The 2011 Conference Strength

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