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Thursday night I got MoneyBall, the story about the Oakland A’s and how they went about building a team on rag tag players using different ways of analyzing them then just scouts and big names.  I’m normally not a big Brad Pitt fan but he and Jonah Hill did really good here.  It was fun kind of being teleported back in time to the 2002 season and the highlights and stories that were brought back up.  Side story bar of Brad Pitt’s character with his daughter helps the job performance in the big leagues hit home somewhat.

3.5 Stars / 5

Friday night I went with Warrior.  This is about 2 brothers who in different routes get into a HUGE UFC tournament.  One is a teacher who needs to make extra money on the side and the other is an ex-marine.  Both Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton were great in each role.  They have their conflicts to overcome in the ring and out and eventually they square off in the octagon.  Nick Nolte as their father nails it too.  A gruff hard nose dad who trained them in wrestling and is now alone in life until Hardy comes knocking on the door.  Really good all the way throughout the whole movie; definitely recommend it!

4 Stars / 5

I ended up taking Brayden to Alvin and the Chipmunks:Shipwrecked a couple weeks ago.  The 3rd live action Chipmunk movie.  He liked it, which is all that matters…it was ok.  It probably ends the Chipmunk movie career of Jason Lee.  He’s done his 3.  The first one is really the best of the bunch as it should be in this type of film franchise.  The 2nd and 3rd felt forced in the whole story of them both, just like they were reaching on what they could do, and maybe (as it should be) this is more fantasy based and like the cartoon then what it would be like in live action and life.  But as I said, he enjoyed it, and I’m sure the dvd will be rented in the household when it comes out.

1 Star / 5

Some other movie tidbits –
Apparently Red Tails (Which I really want to see!) is George Lucas’s last big movie, he’s retiring, unless Indiana Jones 5 is a go. 
Golden Globes were Sunday and Meryl Streep won Best Actress for Iron Lady.  I think she’s won or has been nominated the last 5 years it seems from Mamma Mia, Devil Wears Prada and Julie and Julia.  I’m sure I’m missing one or 2 there too.
George Clooney won best actor for the Descendents, want to see that one too.

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  1. Loved Moneyball! Have not seen the others.