Best and Worst of the Weekend – I got called OLD

Well that was a fun weekend, too quick of course but still fun. Friday after work I had to run home for the Orkin Man to come and spray some stuff around the house.  After that I got the older kids and then played a quick Xbox game before the “What’s for supper?  We’re hungry” started.  For some reason I’ve been not in the mood to cook or do dishes so S suggested we head to the checkerboard in Pleasantville.  We hadn’t been there in a while so I was all over that.  One, it meant no cooking OR dishes.  And two they have some cool stuff hung up all around the restaurant that it would distract my boy from being ornery.  Got there and the kids were all over the stuffed animals and stuff on the wall.  About the Longhorn above our table Brayden asked “What’s the curly things coming out of the cows ears?”  LOL, that was funny.  The bacon cheeseburger pizza was really good too!  Got home around 745 after the drive home and all 3 kids were OUT COLD!  It was one of the quietest car rides home that we’ve had since Ryleigh was born.  The rest of the night was uneventful and ended with bed around 10.

Saturday started with Girl Scouts and a trip to the dump and groceries.  Mom got to the house to watch the kids around 4.  S and I got a later start and then we wanted for the night.  Got downtown and the waits at the restaurants were already up to an hour and it was 530.  So….instead we hit up Gusto Pizza.  The Stallion was damn good as always.  After that we headed to the Well.  There was stuff going on at the IEC and Civic Center too so the Skywalk was pretty busy.  Got there and got some drinks and headed up to our seats, at the VERY TOP of the arena!  Get up there and on one side of us is a 60 year old couple and the other side are a couple of teenage girls.  They were trying to take a cell phone pic of themselves and I offered to take it for them and then asked if they were excited for the show.  They said yea only for Darius Rucker though!  I replied – “oh Hootie!”, one of them said to me “my dad saw him when he was Hootie”.  S looked at me and said “You just got called old!”  I went and got another beer. 

This was my first concert since Tim & Faith at the Well in 2006.  Thompson Square came out and sang 4 songs, the 2 I knew “Are you gonna kiss me or not” and “I got you”, one I didn’t know and one they are releasing this week.  There was a little break and then out came Darius.  He was really good, did awesome, and he even broke out some Hootie!  My favorite though was when he busted out some Hank Williams Jr, Family Tradition.  That was awesome.  I saw he had it on iTunes but you need to get the whole album.  Before Lady A came out we mozied on down a little closer where S had some friends sitting and a couple open seats.  Just happened to be right on the side of the stage, so that was cool.  Now I’m not a big Lady A fan but they rocked it pretty good too.  I knew more of their songs than I thought I did.  I give that credit to Addyson since she LOVES them.  Got home and crashed pretty good, and woke up with a pretty good hangover, I had to go through my pockets and receipts to see where I was at, apparently I spent a bit of money at the Well on beer. 

Sunday my mom woke up and said she wanted to go to the Cracker Barrel for breakfast, so I didn’t want to hurt her feelings.  Got there and got right in before the rush.  The rest of the day was filled with curing the hangover, laundry, naps for the kids and a little xbox and the kids watched the new Spy Kids movie.  Sunday night ended with crashing before 10pm for the first time in a while.  It was a solid weekend!

The worst of the weekend may have been my diet, ugh.  It started Friday morning when a coworker brought in her famous biscuits and gravy.  Now I did have a salad for lunch, but supper was pizza from the Checkerboard.  Now that wasn’t too bad.  But it continued to the weekend.  S made biscuits and gravy Saturday morning along with hash browns and scrambled eggs.  I had a homemade lumber man, and washed it down with a jitterbug from twisted bean.  Some calories where consumed there. Lunch was a few pieces of the leftover pizza and gusto pizza and then a lot of beer at the concert.  Sunday, well the Cracker Barrel and the smorgasbord of food you get there that included, yes biscuits and gravy (if you’re keeping score that’s 3 days in a row of B&G – not recommended by your doctor) and ham, bacon, eggs, cheesy hash browns and coffee.  No lunch happened and then supper was La Hacienda.  So ate out every mean but Saturday breakfast. That’s not a good thing.  Soooooo this week is going to be different.  I’m getting back on track with eating well.  Ryleigh is sleeping through the night and going to work on my sleep schedule better and then hitting the Y to work out.  It’s on like donkey kong.  You’re going down Dam to Dam. 

Some other bummer news is that an aunt of mine is hitting some bad health problems.  She’s up there in age, like 90s and has lived a good long life, and its just getting close to time, so that’s some sad news. 

Hawks got beat in Indiana, played well offensively, not defensively. 

Hawks wrestling got back on track beating the Gophers.

Iowa State got a nice win vs Kansas, Hilton Magic gave them a spark.

Super Bowl this week, the last football game of the year till September 1st.

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  1. "mozied" - best word ever.

    Super good post, I snickered at the 'old' comment :)

    Glad you had a great weekend, they just go by too damn fast!