Friday 6pack!

How about a nice cold Friday 6 Pack?

1-Iowa State is sitting at 14-5/4-2 going into a 3 game stretch that includes at Texas, and home vs. Kansas and KState.  To still have a shot at the Big Dance, what do the ‘Clones need to do in this stretch?  Chances they make it out 3-0.
Matt – I think ISU can win one of those, with it being home vs. KState.  They need a lot of Hilton magic to take out the Jayhawks
Wendt – I still think Iowa State needs 21 wins to make it to the NCAA Tournament oh and 1% chance they finish that three game stretch at 3-0
Painter – Well we do know that ISU lost to Texas so 3-0 is out of the question.  I doubt they beat Kansas and may get KState.  I'm saying 1-2.  They still have an outside shot as an at-large bid but I'd put them on the bubble.
Zach – Lock Royce White inside their practice facility and force him to correctly shoot FT's.
BSox – i think they come out 2-1 unless a miracle comes about with kansas. for the rest of the season, to me it seems like they just to keep doing what they're doing, and playing good smart basketball. the team is starting to gel, and they look good. so we'll see what happens!

2-After being beat by Purdue, the Hawkeyes have some time off and get Nebraska at home then on the road to Indiana.  These 2 games start a crucial 6 game stretch for the Hawks.  I think the whole state of Iowa expects a win vs. the Huskers, and the trip to Assembly Hall will be the challenge.  Do you see Hawks get a 2-0 week? 
Matt – Iowa will beat Nebraska.  Don’t’ forget that Fran beat Indiana at IU last year and they have come back to earth a bit.  I think the IU game is close and down to the wire.
Wendt – I'd give Iowa a 2% chance of winning both those games
Painter – Iowa survived their tough stretch healthy and had some good showings.  I'm not totally convinced that Indiana is as good as they appear but that will still be tough.  I'm saying 1-1.
Zach – Ummm...the loss to Nebraska was not very impressive. Who knows?
BSox – its possible. since the mich st game, and chairgate, they've been playing some decent basketball, or at least improved. the team still has a long way to go, but the big ten is the sort that you could win or lose any game. nebraska in all rights should be a win, but who knows. and indiana hasn't been playing as well lately, but i'd go with possible, but not likely 2-0

We’ll get to the Giants and Patriots in the next 2 weeks, so let’s look at the losers of the championship games. 

3-The Ravens went Wide Left and missed out on OT vs. the Patriots and New England is in its 5th Super Bowl since 2001.  Has the window closed for Ed Reed and Ray Lewis to get to another Super Bowl?
Matt – I think next year is the last year they are together.   How is that catch/drop by Evans not reviewed?  That is really close to being 6.  And Cundiff just looked rushed.  I think they are back in the playoffs next year and make a deep run too
Wendt – I don't believe we'll see Ed Reed and Ray Lewis play another football game together again.
Painter – As long as Lewis and Reed are on the field they have a chance.  I don't know what they need to do to fix the offense but if they can there's still a couple of years left for that group.
Zach – The door just shut a little tighter. Tough loss, but there's still a shot.
BSox – well, ray has already said he's coming back. i think they have one year left, after that not so sure. ed and ray have been awesome for the ravens, but unless they make it next year, i think that team needs to get younger

4-Kyle Williams fumbled away the 49ers hope in the NFC title game in a sloppy Candlestick.  Do you see the 49ers as a 1 hit wonder or will Harbaugh keep them at this level for years to come?
Matt – They are in a weak division and if Alex Smith can continue to grow and another year under Harbaugh, they’ll be a top 3 seed again next year. 
Wendt – What Harbaugh has been able to do with Alex Smith still blows my mind. I think their offense and defense is relatively young so I see the 49ers being a force (especially playing in a terrible division)
Painter – Their roster is pretty well stacked for a while.  I touched on this during the podcast:  if they can get a good play-making WR and Alex Smith has some continuity among the offensive coaches (he's never had the same coordinator for 2 consecutive seasons) they will be even better
Zach – I hope not they're a one-hit wonder, but I see the Packers-Saints in NFC Title next year as early favorites
BSox – ummmm...kind of a toss up, if they keep their defense together than i think they'll at least be a playoff team over the next few years especially in their division. maybe it was a matter of all the stars lining up just right this season. i will say this, they need to move on from alex smith, i know he had a great year, but 1 out of 7 or so? they need to make improvements on offense, and that's a key spot.

5-Sunday Joe Pa passed away.  Will you remember him for what he has done for Penn State or the scandal that ended his career?
Matt – I think a mixture.  I do think the scandal situation contributed to his health.  It’s sad because he did a lot of many kids there we won’t know about, as the negative generally out weights the positive. 
Wendt – Probably a little bit of both. It's tough to forget the scandal that has rocked Happy Valley and Joe Pa was right there when it happened. I hope he was able to die with some peace but I doubt it
Painter – He was a great coach, mentor, leader, and ambassador for all of the NCAA (not just Penn State football)
Zach – I'm one who will remember him for the 409 wins. He is Penn State.
BSox – as much as i hate to say this,i think you have to keep the scandal stuff in there. now what i don't like is how people make it sound like he's the worst person in this case. there were so many people at fault that i think joe took more heat than everyone else. it would be easy to do this, but not right. he made a mistake, and didn;t follow up. now if there were a whole bunch of interviews saying he was a horrible human being the other years of his life, it would be even easier to cast him a side, but you don't hear that. you hear how great of a man he was, how much he helped people, how much he cared, and just looking at the past few months how much he was hurt by all of this. i think he was a great coach, a great human being, but a man who made a mistake.
there are so many people to blame in all of this, i don't think its been fair that joe took most of this heat. but...they needed a fall guy. i just always go back to coach that walked in on jerry in the locker room. why didn't this dude take most of the heat? he witnessed it, and went to joe pa...i mean WTF?!?! why wasn't he the one who right than and there broke jerry's back and hauled his ass off to the police?
i don't know, just seems wrong that he has been turned into a villain more than others who had more to do with all of it.

6-Prince Fielder and the Nationals seem to be flirting some.  How would this signing affect the race in the NL East?
Matt – Well this is not true (NOW) and he’s a Tiger.  Great work outta Scott Boras.  Pencil in Detroit as the AL Central Champions.  Theo’s done a good job since joining the Cubs.  Got rid of Pujols and Fielder and the Astros!
Wendt – I still believe that Fielder will be the better long term signee than Big Al will be, nice to see the Cubs slowly walking away from the potential to sign at least one big name to their team.
Painter – We know he's not going to Washington.  I'm surprised more "experts" didn't see him signing with Detroit since that's where his dad played.  Detroit may be the team to beat in the eastern half of the US now
Zach – It would have made the East a very competitive race, but now him being in the AL Central makes that division a shoe-in title for the Tigers
BSox – no comment lol

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