Des Moines Sports Freak Friday 6pack

1-LSU was manhandled in the SEC West Division Rematch by Alabama.  Are you satisfied with the way the season for college football? 
Matt – I’m not satisfied, the few moments I had it turned on it just had no flavor, it was a leftovers game.  I want to see a 16 team Death to the BCS format.  Really how can you argue with what LSU did this year too, they beat the BCS Champ on their home field, Rose Bowl/Pac12 Champ, Orange Bowl/Big East Champ, Cotton Bowl Champ, Peach Bowl Champ, Gator Bowl Champ, Music City Champ, and SEC East Champions.
Wendt – The SEC dominated college football this season (they were that damn good) until another conference can find a way to $pend more (errrrrrrrrrr) recruit better the SEC will dominate
BlakeI guess.  Alabama showed they were the better than LSU.  They were probably the best team in the Nation.  I'm glad it's the offseason.  I hope this year, there really is an offseason, for two years there hasn't been.  No news will be good news this offseason.

2-Ok get your Crystal Ball out, its 235 days till Iowa-NIU at Soldier Field…who’s in the national title game next season?  And I’m going to be taking these bets to Vegas.
Matt – Last year I picked LSU vs Oklahoma in January…I was half right.  Right now looking ahead I’m going to say USC vs LSU.  Can’t wait for the NIU game in Soldier!  Cubs are home that weekend too.
Wendt – USC vs Alabama
BlakeNorthern Iowa...oh, you were talking about FCS?  USC.

3-TebowMania is sweeping the nation more so after the OT win in the wild card round vs the Steelers.  Now the Broncos go to Foxboro to take on Mr Brady and Company.  On the other side Houston with some dude off the street is playing Baltimore…is it inevitable that it will be Patriots-Ravens in the AFC Championship game?
Matt – No way we are not headed to Pats-Ravens.  This is going to be a blood bath this weekend for the AFC.  If you’re an AFC fan just get ready for next weekend.
Wendt – Yup, get ready for New England/Baltimore, like it or not
BlakeThat's where I would put my money.  I don't think Houston has a chance, and I think this is the year the Patriots remember how to win a home playoff game.

4-The New York Football Giants head to Green Bay in the NFC this weekend and on the other side the Saints take their high octane offense to the Bay to take on the Defense hardened 49ers.  Any chance of upsets in the NFC this weekend?
Matt – I called the Giants beating the Packers early in the year and was off a bit, but it could happen here, I don’t see it happening but I think it’s a close game for the Packers.  The 49ers have a great D against the run, will be curious to see how they do vs the Air Attack of New Orleans.  I think we are headed for Saints-Packers.
Wendt – Absolutely a chance this weekend for an upset in fact I'm 95% sure we won't see New Orleans vs Green Bay in the NFC Championship game (take it to Vegas)
BlakeDefine upset.  Any team left in the NFC could legitimately get to the Super Bowl.  All the games should be exciting, and I won't be surprised by any result. 

5-Carver Hawkeye Arena housed 15,000+ this weekend……FOR WRESTLING.  Iowa lost its first dual meet in a few years to the Oklahoma State Cowboys in a 1 vs 2 match up.  Any chance this derails Iowa’s run to a 4th title in 5 years?
Matt – I think this loss in the dual will only fuel the fire in Tom Brands.  Last year the Hawks were unbeaten and lost the title to Penn State.  This loss will just drive Brands harder and I think in March in St Louis the Hawks hold up some more hardware.
Wendt – I have to be honest, I don't know alot about Iowa Wrestling this season (guess I better study up)
BlakeUm, huh?  Hulk Hogan still play?

6-Speaking of Wrestling, the Royal Rumble is coming up in the WWE/WWF….who’s your favorite all time wrestler?

Matt – Chris Jericho!  Thank you for coming back to RAW last week!
Wendt – Bret Hart
BlakeBlue Pulaski from Old School.

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