Lasting Images - Kerry Wood

Earlier this month Kerry Wood retired from MLB.  Kerry most likely isn’t a hall of famer, and his career will be remembered by pundits and “What if”, but by Cub fans one of their favorite players of the last 15 years. In my life time he’s probably my 2nd favorite Cub behind Ryno.  They way he retired may be as good as anyone except Elway and Jordan (the 2nd time after the 98 finals).  

Getting a K facing his last batter and walking out of Wrigley with your boy waiting for you at the dugout.  That could and should one of the first lasting images you have a Kerry Wood when you think of him and it will probably be the 2nd image I have of Kerry, the first is easy; the 20K game. 

The way he dominated the Astros that day was amazing.  The curve ball was working and the high heater too.  He should have had a no-no that day, it was a 1 hitter on a hit that was questionable.  It was a great game, a great memory and a great lasting image!

As a Cub fan, thanks Kerry!

Kerry on the Dan Patrick Show talking about his decision and more.

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