Best and Worst of the Weekend

Well once again I’ve seen the weekend fly by.  Was a good weekend, hot and humid on Sunday, and then Stormy.  Started out good on Friday night though, got hot and humid the rest of the weekend.

Friday Shawnna and I went to Centro for supper, mom came down to babysit the kids.  It was my first time at Centro, rated one of the top restaurants in Des Moines year in and year out.  I had the Seared Shrimp and Scallops with greens and smashed potatoes, and a couple adult beverages!  Very good…then decided it was to late for a movie and ended up heading home and just chatted with mom for the rest of the night.

Saturday Shawnna’s mom came down with our niece Makenna and went to the zoo.  Now it was really freakin hot and I sweat our butts off.  The Des Moines zoo does need a little help, they are under construction and really need to add a few more things.  Did spend about 2 hours there.  Why can’t it get to be at least half of what Omaha is.  The rest of the day was napping.  The Sun wore us out.

Sunday was just hot.  We were going to go fishing but it was just oppressive.  Bray and I played instead inside and did laundry and watched movies.  Was kind of nice to have a lazy day to just sit around. 

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