KaChow? Should have gone KaBoom.

Last night at stimulus night I took the boy to go see Cars 2.  Cars, along with Toy Story is probably his favorite movies, so he was excited.  Before the movie we got a little short with the Buzz & Woody and the gang, Bray was excited about that.  Then we get into the movie.  Starts out in Radiator Springs and Lightning is returning from 4 straight Piston Cups…The last the cup renamed after Doc Hudson, who was voiced by Paul Newman…was glad they didn’t replace his voice.  This part was ok…and even the lead up to the World Grand Prix.  Then is where the movie changes. 

The last movie was great because of the change in Lightning, from its not all about him and winning and rushing through life, slow down, there are other people around you….this movie is more about Mater, his clumsiness and lack of intelligence and how people treat him.  Making him a spy?  Maybe not the best jump there.  But Pixar gives him a disguise machine and machine guns and rocket boosters. 

I think this is one Pixar wishes it had a mulligan on, they’ve nailed almost all of them, just not this one…but it will sell merchandise and go well over for the kids.

1.5/5 stars

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