Who’s in your 5….College Mascots

They are at every game, symbols of the university.  Traditions that have been around forever.  Some of them are live, some are costumes, some on leashes, some carry swords or sledgehammers.  The college mascot.  So here we go with my top 5.  I’ll start with an honorable mention since there are hundreds of mascots, it’s hard to narrow them down.  I’m sure with my top 5 you’ll find a trend.  And #1 you’ll be surprised.

Honorable Mention
Zippy (Akron) – really the Zips have a Kangaroo?  It’s odd but still it’s a Kangaroo!
Sparty (Mich State) – Dude might be on some performance enhancers but he get’s a cool outfit and a sword
Purdue Pete  (Purdue) – he carries a sledge hammer!  And he once dented Herky’s beek with it.
WarEagle (Auburn) – how the Tigers got WarEagle still is odd, but the Eagle flying down from Jordan-Hare stadium is pretty cool
The Stanford Tree (Stanford) – Maybe the goofiest mascot ever, but still funny.
The Drake Relay’s beautiful Bulldog.  – A cool tradition and well who doesn’t like a beautiful Bulldog?

5. Smokey (Tennessee) – A blue tick coonhound that shows up at Tennessee games and leads them into the stadium.  He may not be as big as some others.  But still it’s cool to have a coon hound leading the team out on the field.

4. Bevo – A live long horn.  Do you really wanna mess with him?

3. Ralphie  -  Well maybe if you’re a charging buffalo you’ll take out Bevo.  This is one of the cooler entrances in college football that I want to one day see.  Just don’t get in his way. 

2. UGA – One of the coolest traditions in the sport, an English bulldog, from UGA I to UGA VIII all in the same family lineage.  And perhaps the coolest video of a mascot, UGA biting an Auburn player!  Great Mascot!

1.  Herky – was it going to be any one else??


  1. I'm partial to Reveille, the A&M collie dog

  2. I was going to personally strangle you if Herky wasn't #1... :)