Best and Worst of the Weekend - Fireworks

Bray checking out the cannons
So it was a holiday weekend again, another 3 days.  This weekend was a bit different from the last 3day weekend (Memorial Day).  Friday night the whole fam went up to the State Capital and met Marty & Mallory and enjoyed Yankee Doodle Pops.  The Des Moines Symphony played marches and topped off with the 1812 Overture and fireworks.  We got 3 shows, the Pops fireworks, the I-Cubs fireworks and some lightning in the background.  The kids ran and ran and ran and were out cold when we got home…after sitting in traffic for about 30 mins.

Saturday was supposed to be a trip to Adventureland for the two oldest and the youngest staying home with Grandma.  Woke up Saturday AM to my son getting sick.  He had a nice mess in his bed, and bless him he tried to clean it up with his rug.  We tried to get all still to Adventureland thinking it was just a one/two time thing, but getting into Altoona, he got sick again.  He and I went home, Shawnna and Addy went to Adventureland for the day.  Addy came home with a handful of prizes and had a bunch of fun.  Brayden felt better around noon and helped me around the house and yard along with Grandma. 

The prizes from Adventureland
Sunday was kind of a lazy day up till the afternoon.  We usually hit the West Des Moines Parade and were planning on it and then head to Marty & Mallory’s for their home grown fireworks and potluck.  Brayden was sleeping though most of the afternoon and we missed the parade and headed to our evening plans.  2 minutes from getting there, Brayden was bloody, biffed it on the gravel driveway.  30 mins later Addy was flipped over the hammock.  Thankfully Ryleigh didn’t get hurt!  She was passed around to holders but was all good.  Had fun with the Warren County and Softball crew.  Have a ton of fun with them.  Played bags and had a walk off bag for a win…came back to beat Shawnna 21-20, then lost a doubles game.  Ironically the games I won were on an Iowa State board, and lost on a Hawkeye board. 

Monday the fourth the plan was to go to Norwalk for the parade to see Superman, Brandon Routh, and hang out with some friends and then grill out and hit fireworks.  Pulling into Norwalk Addyson got sick.  What the heck?  2 times in a weekend?  Ran the girls home, and got Brayden to the parade.  He made friends with a set of twins and an older girl and used them to get candy…that’s my boy! :)  Brayden then saw Superman in the parade and asked… “daddy, is that superman?  Where’s IronMan?”

Headed home them to grab lunch and let him go to Cars 2 with Shawnna, then he complained of a tummy ache…really?  C’mon, give me a break this weekend!  So he napped and I went to Transformers 3.  Afterwards I grilled and we did sparklers outside and watched fireworks from the National Celebration in DC and the ones in NYC and Boston.  Sucks we couldn’t see them live on July 4th, but it was a Monday and had a long weekend and saw a lot of them already. 

Was a decent weekend, hopefully next weekend is a healthy weekend.

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