Transformers 3:Dark of the Moon

Ok, first, why did they change Dark Side of the Moon to Dark of the Moon?  Other than that..this is what the sequel should have been!  Transformers 2 was a dud!  This movie was really good! 

The 60’s story line with the Ark was great with the Space Chase.  That was a great story line throughout the movie.  Then we get into Sam and his new chick.  Michael Bay’d it here.  Why do robots destroying each other need a hot chick other than for fan boys?  Ok, so firs the humans…Lebouf, Dumel and Gibson all I think performed their roles great….they fed off what they were in the first.  Sam’s parents – didn’t need them that much, again don’t need the hot chick that much.  Patrick Dempsey I thought was a nice touch to the story line, and love John Malkovich in his short time. 

The transformers now.  There is a surprise death…Didn’t think there was enough Bumblebee.  The new cars didn’t get introduced as well as the awful Twins did in TF2.  You barely see Ratchet also.  Optimus is well Optimus, the hero!  Would also have liked to see more of the Wreckers.  Sentinel Prime I thought was great here too.  Not a lot of Starscream here, and why introduce Shockwave if you don’t use him that much except for the keeper of the big Tremor bot.  Soundwave and Laserbeck were cool.  Megatron I thought showed his colors at the end.

The great thing about Transformers is the characters and what they transform too and their forms.  I hate how Bay just brought in random non changing bots.  Was kind of like Transformers/Predators/Aliens a bit. 

Best scene was the finale fight (won’t spoil it) and also the shot of Sam and Bumblebee when you think it’s over for Bee.  That’s the best shot of the movie.

Overall this is what the sequel should have been!  Not as good as the first movie but it blows TF2 away.

3/5 stars

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