Hawkeyes + Huskers = Heroes Game

Since last year and when the 2011/2012 schedules where announced that Iowa and Nebraska would be the last game of the year, got really excited..and I still am and thought of how this rivalry is going to build up and be Iowa’s next great game to look forward too.  Kind of like what Wisconsin has become for Iowa and attempt to be what Nebraska had with Oklahoma.

You knew the inevitable trophy was going to come.  I love Floyd of Rosedale, and the Heartland Trophy as a Bull is great too.  Last week someone decided to retire the current incarnation of the Cy-Hawk trophy but a new one will be coming apparently.  This week before the Big Ten Media Days a joint announcement was made of a trophy that will be announced with the word “HERO” standing out.

Thoughts were being tweeted around it going to be something to do with Kinnick, Berringer, and/or some other great Huskers and Hawkeyes?  Answer is no.  Introducing the Heroes game, and trophy.  The design isn’t ready, the trophy is going to honor local state heroes.  Have their name etched on it and hopefully the score too.  Oh, and its sponsored…yes it’s about $.  Soon you’ll have your toilet paper rollers in stadiums sponsored. 

Ok – now before you kill me, it’s a great concept…yes honor local people doing great things, we don’t get enough of that on the news, its more terrible things going on.  So yes, great concept….but really, this for what is one of the top 2 games in the Legends Division (along with Michigan-Michigan State).
Now back to football…look at the trophies in the Big Ten…Floyd of Rosedale, the Little Brown Jug, the Old Oaken Bucket and Paul Bunyan’s Ax…now throw in HY-VEE Hero Trophy.  Which one doesn’t belong? 

As I’ve had time to think about it today, not every game needs a trophy.  The best rivalry in college football, Ohio State-Michigan, doesn’t have a trophy.  Their reward for winning usually was the Rose Bowl and Big Ten Championship Trophy. 

I wonder was there any thought of that?  Just bring the Big Ten Legends Division Title to the game, winner gets a ticket to Indianapolis.  Or as Ohio State-Michigan is dubbed “The Game” just call it Farmageddon (as you’ll hear from me). 

Rivalries aren’t built by title sponsors and trophies, their built by the games on the field.  The seed is planted for Hawks & Huskers, let’s let it grow, not sell it out.

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