Best and Worst of the Weekend

So the weekend was a quick one, again.  Actually not to bad either.  Got a movie in (DVD) haven’t seen Captain America, yet.  Took the boy fishing then had a trip to Mullets with him.  Indulged in some ice cold tasty GrainBelt! Even got to watch a replay of DJK putting up a hat trick vs. Michigan on the Big Ten Network.

I also tried what I guess is rated the #1 deli sandwich in Des Moines, B&B Dad’s Killer sub.  Gonna be honest, it’s not #1.  The Zach Johnson at the Manhattan Deli is the best deli sandwich in town.  I thought the Dad’s Killer, if I had all the ingrediants, is something I could have made at home and it would have been the same. 

With my boy, this was his second time fishing, and it didn’t go as well as the first one.  We tried a new location, a covered dock at Easter Lake.  He was more excited this time about the dock than sitting there fishing, but he sat for a bit and was proud of him there.  He had a few bites but we never could nag a fish.  After it we went to Mullet’s for lunch.  He was excited to sit at a big chair table and had fun chatting with the girls working there.  The Philly CheeseSteak PoBoy was pretty good, but it wasn't as tasty as The Sandberg. 

Also took a load of big cardboard boxes down to a friend’s house Sunday and burnt them while the kids ran around with their black lab.  Black Lab won a few times knocking them down and licking them like crazy.  Nice thing Saturday Addyson had a play date with a  friend for 4 hours and got to get with a friend of hers from preschool and hang out while the other 2 kids were sleeping.

While Addy was gone, I put on Unstoppable, starring Chris Pine and Denzel Washington.  The movie about an out of control high speed train.  Yes, like most movies in Hollywood these days, it was predictable, but I enjoyed it.  Pine I thought did a good job and liked Denzel in this movie too.  Supporting cast was good too.  Was it believable that the events like that would actually happen, um no…I hope not, but it’s a movie, let yourself go. 

2.5 / 5 STARS


  1. I'm going to take my son to Mullets on Saturday. Definitely looking forward to it!

  2. Catching up on your blog, and wanted to comment! My Dad is a train conductor (the job of Chris Pine in the movie) and I asked him what he thought about the movie. He said an event happened that was CLOSE to this but not as out of hand, but that a lot of this was dramatic. He said they got a lot of the lingo correct. So there's that.. I guess.
    We watch movies just about every weekend too. Maybe I need to put up a review or 2 of my own!

  3. Yea, i wonder how close this is to happening. Had to think it was Hollywooded up a bit. Did keep me interested though.

    I try to blog about the movies i see for the first time.