The Fads aka Money Stealers

Standing in the Wal-Mart line I saw all these magazines on diets, and also hear coworkers and family and friends talking.  There's the Hi-Low diet, weight watchers, slim fast, Atkins, and anything else out there, then add in all the surgeries that can go wrong.  .  It's amazing how people throw there money into these.

The only real way I've seen for people to lose weight and keep it off and be really healthy the way humans are supposed to be is this the following...now before I give the million dollar secret away I'm going to add a link to my PayPal account and you can donate 1.00 for me giving this away.

Ok..the secret is....BURN MORE CALORIES THAN YOU TAKE IN!  The guys on Biggest Loser have the secret too.  Also I'm living proof...Last year I lost 40 pounds by working out and running, and eating better and watching calories in.  Also gained a few back after the 3rd kid came too.  That's it...that's the secret.

You don't need to do gimmick diets, and then when you stop them, you will eventually gain the weight back too and maybe more.  

So feel free to donate if you'd like, but that's the key.

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