Weekend Movies

Saturday Night we rented Limitless with Bradley Cooper and Robert DeNiro.  It's about a little pill you take that helps you utilize the rest of your brain that as humans we don't normally utilize....if you stay hooked on it you also get to experience some side effects.

Cooper's character in all this does good and also causes his own issues with the antagonists in the film.

His main goal ultimately is to get off the drug but in the end you're left to wonder.

Thought it was a really good film.  Like the story, Cooper played a great character that is different from the Hangover and the A-Team.  DeNiro was good too.  Also....where can I get one of these pills?

3/5 Stars

Sunday afternoon Jason and I had a bro-date and went to see Captain America:The First Avenger.  The movie started out and tied to Thor talking about Odin's treasure.  This is the source the power that the Red Skull wants.

I kinda liked how Thor, Iron Man and the Avenger's are all here in aspect.  It kind of helps tie it all together.  Tommy Lee Jones and Hugo Weaving I thought were great, Chris Evans good.  I wish in the first few fight scenes we saw more action but that came in the final fight with Red Skull.  In the end I'm guessing we are tying it all in to the Avengers and next year we'll see it tied together.

Really good summer popcorn flick.  Giving it 3.5 stars out of 5.

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