The Man Cave

Saturday and Sunday (and any other day ending in "Y")  mornings and afternoons and nights, the "Man-Cave" in many houses across the country is where you'll find a lot of sports fans.  Some prefer the sports bars and the food and over priced beer, some go to the events, but more and more are experiencing the sporting events from home with a lot of big screen tvs and a place to show your teams memorabilia you've collected over the years.

When we bought this house, one of the things I wanted was a finished basement I could decorate as my "Hawkeye Room."  When I finally got it, we took a wall out and made a big living room in the basement that was a play area for then my one kid and now 3 kids, and put the fun stuff down there.  My big screen, surround sound, the dvds, xbox and had a couch and a futon and my chair.

Since I've had my 3rd child in February and needing another bed room, my Hawkeye room has had the wall that was taken down put back up, and also had some thing not yet prominently displayed.  In a few conversations on twitter, I thought I'd give a tour of my slimmed down Hawkeye Room 2.0.  There are a few shots from an earlier blog, but I thought I'd add a few others of what is currently out.

Enjoy the slide show and silent video.

My Hawkeye Book is filled with a lot of football cards, got a ton of Brad Banks, and also all my ticket stubs from 1992 to present.  When we moved from the old house I grew up in to the newer one, the stubs from 1986-1992 got trashed unfortunately.

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