Best and Worst of the Weekend

I did this on my other blog, and well moving it here, something I’m copying from the Dan Patrick Show, will (try to) post this on here ever Monday.

Best had to be the Christmas weekend.  This year I was more Grinch than Clark Griswold leading up to the holiday, but a few days before the holiday I saw the my heart grow 3 times its size (yes I’m using Christmas clichés) and got in the mood.  Then seeing my kids open their gifts and their excitement of seeing Woody and Jesse under the tree…it all came back.  My kids loved their gifts.  I got a new Hawkeye sweatshirt and new coffee cup that my kids made me.  The best probably was the HotWheels track that my son got, and we constructed a big ramp in his room and played with that for hours.  He loved it.

The Bears game was awesome too.  I thought it would be a low scoring affair, and it was completely opposite.  A shoot out.  Cutler and Hester and Forte looked awesome.  And THANK YOU Chris Harris for coming back to Chicago!

Two things…My fantasy football team is losing the 3rd place game in the D12 league.  If Frank Gore didn’t get hurt I think I would be in the title game, I had that good of a team.  His injury hampered my team a bit that I couldn’t fill that flex spot as well.  Gore-Mendanhall-McCoy was a great 3 backs to team with Roddy White and Jeremy Maclin and Matty Ice.  So kind of disappointing.  And then Well coming back to work….really.  That’s about it.  The weekend was too short.   

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