Legends and Leaders?

So right now if you don't know (and if you are a Big Ten fan) you've seen the new logo and the division names.  If not, here you go.  Now while I don't mind the logo.  I get the 1 and the G in the shape of an "0" but could also be viewed as a "6" maybe hinting at something to come?  But I don't care for the shade of blue.  It doesn't look like the POWER BLUE the old logo had. Also I don't care for the stacked look.  But it could be worse.  Like I said I get the B1G and it's font.  But I will saw the Big Ten logo with 11 was a lot better than what this is.

Now for the Divisions.  Legends and Leaders?  What the hell was being smoked in the Big Ten offices?  Was the ACC contacted and asked who you could totally confuse your fans?  No one knows who's in the Coastal or Atlantic divisions.  They also had chances with the Plains and Lakes to do something like that? Now when they go to 16 I think West, Midwest, Lakes and East will be used.  And really when the games get started and kicked off, to the fan it doesn't matter who's in what division, JUST WIN!

Final note on the Big Ten announcements.  Nice that they are going to have awards for positions, but really do you need to multiple players names in the awards?  Have fun with the Greise-Brees award.  It sounds like a wet fart!  The Rimington-Pace award?  Dave Rimington already has an award named after him.  Just name it the Pace Award.  The Clark Award for TightEnd.  And with all these awards wheres the Dwight-Ginn Returner of the Year award?

Ok, now Iowa.  WTF is going on in Iowa City?  Wegher gone.  Jewell gone?  DJK and drugs and all the speculations going on.  I love my Hawks, but c'mon guys get it together.  It's a privilege to wear the black and gold, pull your heads.  If the rumors of the fight after the OSU game are true, then I have a ton more respect for Adrian Clayborn.  Just hope we find out more news tomorrow.....I think.

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